Gold menu

Aperitiv table

Pure grape brandy, plum brandy, travarica, honey brandy, cherry brandy, borovicka, Pelin, Amaro, Stock, Brandy, gin, votka

Cold appetizer

Prosciutto, cheese, sausage


2 Types of soup of your choice
Vegetable cream soup, mushroom cream soup, tomato soup or beef soup

Hot appetizer

Veal risotto with truffles

Main dish

Stuffed pork loin
Pork medallions in truffle sauce
Roasted veal under the bell

Side dish

Gnocchi, croquettes, potatoes under the baking sheet, grilled vegetables


Fresh seasonal salad

Late meal

Roasted lamb
Roasted pig
Game stew

Morning meal

Wine goulash "Mali Raj"

Drinks - in price (homemade drink without restriction)

Price per person: 63 €